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Lavender Water -100% Natural & Pure Skin Toner (2 x 250 ml / 8.5 fl oz )

Lavender Water -100% Natural & Pure Skin Toner (2 x 250 ml / 8.5 fl oz )

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Enriched with the luxurious fragrance of pure Lavender, this natural hydrating toner helps maintain the moisture balance in skin while keeping the face baby soft. A natural anti-depressant, a few sprays of this water relieves anxious nerves, reduces tension and even aids in getting well rested sleep


Lavender water is deeply hydrating mist that clears the facial skin of all dirt and impurities while maintaining the natural moisture balance in skin. It makes the skin feel fresh all day and calms, cools and tones it, leaving it scented with the rich aroma of lavender.

Lavender Oil is extracted from certain species of Lavender flowers by method of distillation. Its pleasant fragrance leaves hands feeling fresh all day and keeps from free from infection. The lavender extract in this water has unparalleled soothing properties that provides an instant boost to the skin. Its calming action makes it perfect for sensitive, irritated skin prone to rashes and allergies.

The Lavender extract rejuvenates tired and damaged skin, removes skin deep impurities, making the skin texture even and superbly smooth.



Spray on face and body and evenly spread it all over or spray twice on cotton swab and swipe it across your face.


Ingredients - Extracts of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
This is the best toner that I have used, having

This is the best toner that I have used, having used Rose water, Orange blossom water and Witch Hazel/Cypress before. It is very refreshing to the skin and smells good. And according to numerous online resources, its benefits are many. I use it as a toner on my face and as a mist for my hair and scalp.

I have sensitive skin and can?t use any other

I have sensitive skin and can?t use any other toner available in the market. It is just perfect for my sensitive skin after a tiring day. I spray it on my face and even in the hottest summers, skin feels refreshed.

A Good Quality Product

Soothes skin and hydrates it also gives a glow when used regularly

Natural Product

It's just awesome ?? Makes skin supple ,soft n Soothing

Really Impressed

Smell is nice plus quantity according to the prize is quite good.



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