Work With Us

Vaadi Herbals was found in 2003 with an objective of bringing high quality products at affordable prices to the masses. Now completing 15 years, the company manufactures over 300 products in the hair, skin, face, body and foot care category. The company has 3 divisions – The first division is the traditional distribution through C&F agents, distributors and retailers across India. The second division is E-Commerce & Modern retail which manages all our e-commerce and modern retail partners. The third division is Exports. Products are being exported to over 20 countries some of the large ones being USA, Mauritius, Norway, South Korea, South Africa, Malaysia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and others.

The Team

The team at Vaadi Herbals focuses on productivity with quality. Hence we spend a lot of time in R&D and understanding & implementing new technologies in all areas (Production, Information Technology, Warehousing, Customer Support, Sales & Distribution).

We have cutting edge ERP, Sales Automation, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Content Development, Product Development, Graphic Design, Print & Packaging Design & Web Development – All In House.

The employees at VAADI believe in working towards a great customer experience. A dynamic and experienced team which believes in learning and growing in the long term.

If you would like to work with us, send your resume to